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how do you delete your blog?

September 27th, 2008 at 05:05 am

my 'anonymity' MAY have been compromised and i am wondering how you delete your blog and username, so that you can make a fresh one with the same email address???

$6000 saved so far

September 25th, 2008 at 10:06 am

I have $1500 and change saved in my Bankwest account, and BF has $4500 and change. which means together we have over $6000 saved for our house deposit.
when it's just my savings it seems like i am never getting anywhere, but coupled with BF's savings it actually looks like we are making progress.

i have been (pretty) good

September 24th, 2008 at 03:36 am

Monday I spent $10 on two drinks for my friend and I, and we went for a swim in the river near my house. I did a 15 minute walk as well.
Yesterday I had porridge with strawberries and honey for breakfast, and I made a salad for lunch and had a banana and mandarin for snacks, plus two (homemade) coffees. We had lentil Dal for dinner and I had a cup of strawberries and two scoops of icecream.
I filled up the tank with petrol, $30, and that was my only spend yesterday.
Today again I am having the same, but when I went to collect the mail my tummy was growling and I caved in and bought a chocolate chip scone for $1.60. I know! tsk tsk.
Tonight I am making red curry, so I need to buy:
Meat for BF
Meat for the pup
Some facial scrub (i've run out)

Tomorrow I will try and be good, my friend and I are going to a Day Spa, so that is $30 already spent. We might get a coffee afterwards, or maybe not, we will see.

payday, rent, savings, impulse buys

September 23rd, 2008 at 09:43 pm

Today is payday for Job #1.
$220 was deposited into my account.
Tomorrow afternoon my pay for Job #2 will clear in my bank, that is another $391.
This morning rent was deducted from my account, that is minus $126.67. I don't owe anything on CC #1, and CC#2 I owe about $234 but I have that money safely tucked away in my bills account earning a little bit of interest. I decided to do that because I can physically see the money there, it is not an ING account or a Bankwest account but is one linked to my everyday account.
I had $98 left over this week, so once Pay #2 clears I will transfer $100 to my House Fund savings account.
I will also transfer $40 extra onto my loan.

I need to buy a pair of shorts, another cheap pair of ballet-flat-style shoes and a black tshirt. I have also been thinking about that dress that I left at the store.
Should I go back and buy it? I have decided that I will go in on Saturday, if it is still there, I will try it on, and if I still like it, I think I will buy it. If you still really like something after a whole week, is it still an impulse purchase?

how much do YOU spend on fun?

September 23rd, 2008 at 02:42 am

Even though I believe I have done well in my spending this month - having spent much less than I have taken in AND saved $100 more this month AND completely cleared the CC's, I still have managed to spend double, nearly TRIPLE of my allocated fun money. What the?!
And I have hardly bought anything really. I bought a season of a TV series at the start of september, I bought a couple of accesories for my birthday party (all under $6 each, total spent $30) , I bought two books (total: $43) and we ate out a couple of times.
I would hardly call that splurging. Infact, for me, that's holding back quite well.

This week I actually AM splurging. And I know it's a splurge. I am going to a day spa with a friend. I've been there twice before and it's gorgeous, and I mentioned it to my friend and she wanted to go, so I suggested we go one day after work.

So I guess my thoughts are, am I splurging every week, or am I just living like a normal person? Should I increase my 'budgetted' fun money, or should I be kicking myself when I spend say, $13 on a vegetarian cookbook, or $30 on a seven-disc, second hand television season on dvd???

After all, I did EARN the money. I guess I have a hard time about this because while I AM saving, and trying to save more (and succeeding! if just a small amount), I really have cut back on a lot of things. Am I setting my expectations too high? Or am I underestimating the costs of things these days?

While I understand that there are truly frugal people out there who would gasp at my spending habits, I need to clarify that I will never, could never, be the type that watches every penny like a hawk. True, I tally all my expenses, but I really believe life is for living.

How much in total do YOU spend per week/month (on average), on the following:
takeaway beverages
takeaway and/or dining out
gym memberships
car washes
hair care & products
professional grooming
chemist stuff
entertainment (ie. dvd's, cable, video rental, movies, memberships, online gaming, admissions etc)
house appliances
electrical goods

These are all the categories that I class under 'Fun'.

Currently I am spending on average $84.81 per week on 'Fun'.

(btw: I personally do not have cable or gym membership, online gaming or pay for car washes - but if I did I would class them in the Fun category)

11 days and counting

September 22nd, 2008 at 09:37 pm

until our last music festival.
for a while.
we have decided this will be our last one until we save enough for a house deposit.
only because they usually cost around $250 for the day ( $120 for the ticket, $30 for a souviner, $20 for food & water, $80 for 'recreational activities')- which adds up when you consider how many we usually go to. (usually 4 a year or more if they are extra good).
ooooh i'm very excited.
i have probably already mentioned, but this is a little of the lineup:
goldfrapp, plump djs, vanshe, dizee rascal, 2manydjs, the bamboos, blackalicious, ajaz, bag raiders, peaches, diplo, soulwax and about 15 others.
anywho, it will be great! and all paid in cash of course, lol.

our menu this week

September 21st, 2008 at 07:13 pm

I made a recipe out of one of my new cook books last night which worked out well. It was a roast pumpkin, feta and caremalised onion pie. We had it with a side salad, and BF is taking some with salad for lunch today as well.

On the menu this week:

Red Curry (with lamb for BF)
Lentil Dal
Spinach & Roast Tomato Salad
Korma Curry (with lamb for BF)
Stuffed Roasted Eggplant with Rice
Homemade Pizza (with pepperoni & lamb for BF)

I bought lentils this week in the grocery shop. I haven't eaten them a great deal in my life; my dad has cooked occasionally with them and they've always turned out delicious, but that could be because my dad is a great cook.

Did you know lentils, when eaten with nuts, milk or yoghurt (to make them a 'complete' protein) have a higher amount of protein 100g than beef???

Interesting stuff!

bought exactly what i needed.

September 20th, 2008 at 03:13 am

I went into town and bought... wait for it...

exactly what I went in there for! (well. except for a bite to eat)

I am very proud.

Spending Log:
Coffee: $4.20
Biscuit: $1.60
3 x Singlets: $14.95
Vegie Recipe Book: $13.00

My friend hasn't contacted me about lunch yet, even though I know she told me she'd be available after 2pm (it's 1pm). I was so hungry I just ate a salad sandwhich, so now I think I will just have a coffee with her if she still wants to. Or a juice. Save $10+. Yay. I'm also going to try and go to the library.

I nearly bought a dress today but then decided not to. I have a difficult time with dresses. I LOVE them, but I don't wear them. I probably have more than 10 in my cupboard that I have worn once. Some not at all. Anyway. I guess I am just trying to find that perfect one that you can just throw on - but I am not a dress person so it's difficult for me to make that transition.
So I thought I found that dress, but it was $45 and I wasn't 100% sure. So I didn't buy it, even though I really did like it...

new balances!

September 19th, 2008 at 09:52 pm

I have also updated them on my side bar, but these are my new balances:

CC1: $0
CC2: $0
Personal Loan: $3836.74

Everyday Account: $178.79
Bills Account: $226.64
Holiday/Gift Account: $100.13
Emergency Fund: $196.00
Home Loan Deposit Fund: $1518.91

I have $178.79 until next payday (Tuesday and Wednesday) plus $64 that BF owes me.
I have to get:
a couple of singlets
maybe a book (on sale - not full price!)
plus lunch with a friend today

Should be absolutely fine! And any remaining I think I will put into my home loan account. Smile

I have completely cleared the CC's. I am only using the CC2 for the points anyway so I don't mind if I transfer the money before the actual due date. I know it works well (to buy everything on credit and put the money in an interest earning account until the due date) BUT it stresses me out a little. If it's paid, it's paid, and I don't have to worry about it, and I know my money is MY money. Smile

plans for today

September 19th, 2008 at 09:24 pm

BF is at work today, so I am by myself atleast until he gets home or flatmate and her boyfriend does.
I have a couple of plans for today. Mainly it involves cleaning (dishes, bathroom, room, washing clothes).
I am also meant to be meeting a friend for lucnh or coffee at 2pm.
I was thinking about going to the shops as I was wanting to get some singlets for summer which is bearing closer and closer now. I bought two a little while ago for $4.99 each and I really like them so far, and they are so cheap. I think the shop still has them. There is also a book sale on... I might take a look at that too. But I won't be buying anything else! I don't need anything else anyway.

updates on ... stuff...

September 19th, 2008 at 06:00 am

Haven't written for a few days, not a great deal to say I guess! Haven't been spending a great deal of money which is goooood!

It looks like this month is going MUCH better than the last few months - every single week so far of september I have spent much less than I've taken in. I am really happy about that, but fingers crossed because it's not over yet!

I am planning on going to the markets on Sunday. Last week we went to the growers market on Saturday, but I hear it has moved this week and I am not quite sure where it is. Also, I have a feeling that the Sunday markets are cheaper. I spent $35 last week on salad ingredients and some extra veges and bananas, and I usually walk away on Sundays with change from $40 and a lot more veges... Hmmm...

I visited my sister this week in the city - so my petrol expenses were doubled this week; it cost around $30 to drive there and back! Couldn't believe it! I suppose I did a bit of driving around the city... but still! I also had a day off so that was less money in my pocket. Fortunately my sis paid for my meal, all I spent was $12 on two juices.

It's Friday afternoon and I've finished work; what a great feeling! Unfortunately BF is working tomorrow. Flatmate is away but will be coming back tomorrow. I sort of hope she doesnt get back til later in the day, it would be nice to have the house to myself for a bit. I might do some drawing or soemthing.

Tonight we are having enchiladas for dinner, with the mexican bean stew I made a few weeks ago and froze in portions. I will be making a salad to go with it.

My pre-cooked and frozen meals came in handy this week, when I visited my sister I got home quite late and was considering takeaway, but straightaway realised I had pasta sauce already in the freezer! It was easy and cheap, I just added some mince to BF's to keep him happy.

I made pumpkin soup this week - I usually make it with cream but didnt have any and didnt want to go to the shop. I had coconut milk in the pantry, but by the time I had whizzed it all up, it looked and tasted just fine without anything else in it, and was probably HEAPS healthier.